Monday, November 29, 2010


I'd just like to briefly state a few observations.

1- If there were a Republican President in office and the economy was still in the state it is (and has been) and so many other agendas of the administration had been unpopular and virtually bombed then focusing on yet ANOTHER social issue would never fly. The Democrats would crucify the Republicans for trying to force their morals onto a government entity and there would be no end to the dissent.

Democrats would be beating a drum of injustice and whining that the Republicans are just trying to assuage the indignation of a new demographic so they weren't failing at everything. Shouldn't you complete at least one goal successfully before moving on to five-hundred others?

2- Don't Ask/Don't Tell shouldn't have ever needed to be in place because your sexual orientation should never have bearing on your career. EVER. If so many homosexuals think they need to be recognized in the military then maybe they need to move to a career where your sexual orientation is a key component.

3- I've said this before. DADT is not an issue of eradicating ignorance. It's a housing/logistical issue. If men can't be housed with women then why would gay men be housed with straight men? Separate but equal facilities are available when people don't have to be split in five different ways. A gay men's barracks, straight men's barracks, gay women's barracks, straight women's barracks, transexual barracks, and what about bisexuals and those people who just aren't sure? This is ridiculous, folks. RIDICULOUS.

3- Quit forcing people to be one acronym or another. LGBTQ? Seriously. Live and let live.

I feel like we're going down the drain so very, very quickly.


Amy Sue said...

I am glad you are thinking Emily. You make me proud just because you are willing to speak your views, and I do agree almost always!! By the way, no one in 27 years has ever ask your dad's orientation, and I don't think it should matter. A sailor,or anyone who wears a uniform is an honorable person who is willing to give their life for our freedoms...that is the only orientation we should be worried about, and respect them for it!

James F said...

This is completely off topic, but not really. I would just like to point out that the title of your page is "I Don't Like Men Who Own Cats" yet I am your friend and I own a cat.