Friday, May 16, 2008

keep your head up

I'ce noticed recently that a ton of my friends are having babies. And so they tell me about them. In sometimes gross detail. Recently my best friend told me she was so proud that her baby could keep her head up... And that got me thinking.

Why is it that lifting our heads up is such a big deal? Other than the pbvious fact that you've started to have muscle control. My other reasoning is that lifting your head up is a big deal because it's something you're supposed to do for the rest of your life.

So many.people walk around with their faces toward the ground for apparently no good. Reason at all. People take this monumental thing and kill it by allowing bad luck or a bad day to ruin that thing that made your mom swell with pride. I've noticed that lately it doesn't matter what gets thrown my way as long as I keep my head up and keep going.

It was important when we were babies and its important as adults. I just think we never make the connection.

There's a ton of IN OTHER NEWS updating for me to do but its hard to type on my blackberry and my mom's telling at me. It'll happen soon though :) but possibly not before I get to LA.

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