Friday, April 18, 2008


"Take one minute of your time and sign this petition. Forward to everyone you know.
This is an issue we CAN control with very little effort!"

This was part of a Facebook group description that I got invited to join today. I decided to ignore the invitation... no matter how good the cause. Yes, that sounds stupid. Why would I let some silly wording get in the way of doing something good?

Because it's just people being lazy to try and stop something trivial so they can feel good about themselves later.

The group was trying to stop an artist in Venezuela whose exhibit includes starving a dog to death. Yes, that's sad. I really like dogs and think they should be treated well and I think it's a travesty that some people consider a dying dog "art". However, there are much worse things going on in the world right now but people aren't willing to stand up and do anything about it because those aren't things that we "CAN control with little effort!" There are also things that are just as trivial and located right in our neighborhood, but because of the effort it would take no one is willing to do a damn thing.

Get off your lazy, comfy American ass and go do something more than sign a petition.
I hate to break it to you, but signing your name on something doesn't mean shit.

Sort through your clothes and go donate it to a shelter so somebody can dress themselves. Buy a couple extra cans of food at the grocery store and take it to a food bank. Pick up the trash on the street that you walk by on your way to/from class. See, I'm not completely heartless. Quit trying to fix the rest of the world when there is so much that is right at your front door that can be helped even if it takes that extra effort.


In Other News, I'm way fed up with trying to graduate... ugh. Also, this whole looking for a job thing really blows. I'm going to end up putting as much of my stuff as I can in the back of my truck and just going... then praying for the best when I get there. I finished my application/paperwork for grad school today. I also turned in my resume to a race team. Either one of those would make me the happiest girl alive. Pray that I get one? Thanks guys. Last but not least, I received confirmation yesterday that this guy I used to kind of date is completely and totally the biggest assbag in the world. Man, I sure know how to pick 'em.


Anonymous said...

1. Which assbag are you talking about now?
2. Just last week I went and took 2 bags of clothing to goodwill becuase for once I wasn't lazy enough to just throw them away.
3. I completely understand the job thing. A year after graduation and I'm still working on it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you if you do the same.


staci said...

Wait, can i just throw something in here... That dog, was a street dog and was taken to the vet and was on it's death bed.. there's was nothing that could be done to save that dog. I guess that could have gassed him. But I know that if I was that dog, going out in a metaphorical art piece would have made me happy. So stop all the whining. facebook asshats..

Manda said...

I heard the dog art exhibit was a hoax :\ But I totally get what you're sayin.

--amanda h.